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The official website of the league is

Now let’s take a look at what the National Football League is all about and how their official website can help us. The league itself was organized back in the distant 20th year of the last century. And for this period has gained immense popularity. At the moment it includes 32 teams. And on the website of the organization is collected a lot of useful, interesting information, but about everything in order:

The site offers a wide range of content including news, statistics, game schedules, video game reviews, analytics and more.

The main sections of the site are «Home», «Scores», «News», «Video», «Standings», «Stats», «Players», and «Teams». Each section offers a convenient navigation menu for quick access to the information you need.

On the main page you can find the latest news about the league, match reviews, interviews with players and coaches, as well as the latest articles by journalists. The «Scores» section provides detailed statistics on the results of all matches, while the «News» section offers up-to-date news about teams, players and events in the league.

The website also offers video match reviews, player interviews, podcasts, analysis programs and more. This makes it a source of vast and varied information for fans of American soccer.

One of the features of the site is the Players section, where you can find information on all the players in the league, their statistics, biographies, photos and videos. This makes the site a great resource for fans to follow players and their careers.

Also of special note is the «Draft» section, which contains complete, up-to-date information on team recruiting.

More videos and cool moments can be found on the official NFL YouTube channel




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